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hair extensions
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Hair Extensions

They lay flat to the head but in wider sections covering more hair discreetly in as quick as one hour! Refitting is simple and hair can be reused (so long as it supplies by us) over and over for up to a year.

Hair can be treated as you own, wash and dry, curl or straighten, tied up, down, loose, plaited with some adjustment of hair your own placement they are amazingly versatile give you that extra glam.

We only use the best hair suppliers and have a hair extension quality range for lower and higher budgets, and hair that lasts over a year with good care.

Whether you are looking For instant volume and length that lays at your waist, or just a subtle volume boost to fill in gaps, or sections where hair has broken we can adapt every set designed complimentarily to you, your hair and the look you are looking for.

So long as hair is healthy, looked after well in between fittings and you use the correct aftercare it’s the least damaging application and can work for fine or thick hair.

We can colour match with your hair as we use a supplier with a vast range, from high kites hair, to ombré and balayaged. Every time is covered to get you the perfect match!

Pop in for a chat and we can give you options to suit your budget, lifestyle, time you have to style your hair, tips and vast knowledge on how to care for them when you are at home.

Fully ABT accredited and insured

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JANUARY- 19/1/2020