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Get a glam pony in 5 mins

Get a glam pony

See how to get that glam pony in 5 minutes!


Step One

Pull all your own hair into a ponytail at your crown. If opting for a more glam ponytail, pull it towards the top of your head.
Then secure with a strong hairband.

Step Two

Spray hairspray on your hair and smooth with a comb… not too hard or you will create lines.

Step Three

Once smoothed, take your ponytail hair piece and secure with clips around the hair band into your own hair… leave out a strand as you’ll need this later on! (Click link on the you will need for a super amazing hair piece that’s fab ok price and quality… please note do not use heat on this as it will fry it’s super sleek look permanently), Email them if your unsure of colours! They’re super helpful!

Or better still book a consultation with us and we can colour match you!

Step Four

Use it the random piece that’s left out, wrap around the base of the ponytail around the hairband. And secure with a grip!


Now Instagram your new glam look and tag us! @thatglambarltd
Experiment using the same steps as above but try different pony placements! Send us your creations!

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