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Caring for your tape extensions

Tape extensions

So you’ve just forked our hundreds for your hair extensions, your going to want to invest some knowledge and time on how to care for your hair extensions or your hundreds will be a waste! It’s so important to care for your tape hair extensions as if they were your own hair, or your own hair will suffer. Here’s how to look after them:


  • Get hair fitted by a non professional
  • Forget to book your refit at your fitting appointment, between 6-8weeks max!
  • Leave them to dry naturally, as this harbours mould and can cause infection to your scalp.
  • Go to bed with wet hair
  • Use a hairdryer on hottest setting
  • Use cheap shampoo (cheap shampoo can damage beyond repair)
  • Oils on roots (this will soften and release the bond causing slippage)
  • Attempt to colour or cut the hair
  • Submerge hair in swimming pools (chemicals will react with the hair and can cause them to turn awful unfixable colours)
  • Wear in direct heat (holidays and sitting in direct heat without a hat will cause them to slip out, causing a matted mess)
  • Tug or pull when brushing
  • Sleep with them loose (matting and shedding can occur from the friction of your pillow)


  • Your research on good fitters (find out their experience and what hair they use)
  • Research on what hair is best for your budget (Indian hair will last 3-6months, Brazilian and Russian hair last between 12-18m when using correct aftercare advice)
  • Invest in a good extensions brush
  • Invest in a good extension shampoo and conditioner (free from sulphates and parabens)
  • Create a new getting ready routine (hair extensions take a long time to dry and style at least 1hr so make sure you’ve accounted for this day to day.
  • Style as you wish with curlers etc but keep heat low and use a heat protector!
  • Book in regular refits 6-8weeks
  • Brush twice a day making sure you’re checking for matting. If matting occurs visit your technician and they can remove for you no problem. Don’t let it get worse!
  • Enjoy them!

They’re a fab investment when following rules correctly and have been known to help people grown their own hair by focusing on the extensions and not using as much heat on their own, they can be game changers for that uber glam look, but just know they cost, in time, effort and obviously money!

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