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That Glam Bar offers you all you need under one roof, whether it’s gel nails, that glam makeup or amazing hair. We have got you!

Welcome to

That Glam Bar

Come and reveal the madness with us! As said before we strive to be a bit different and a cut above the rest. Our decor and staff members say it all. Although through all the crazy, we are all fun, friendly and talented individuals! Our goal is to impress you of course!

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The Essence
of Beauty

Hair Extension

Hair Extensions

Here at That Glam Bar, we only use the best hair suppliers, hair that lasts over a year with good care. We have a hair extension quality range for lower and higher budgets.

Hair Extension


We have excellent cutting skills at That Glam Bar. Trust in us when we say if you want that weeny inch off, we will suggest otherwise but we NEVER cut without your consent!

Hair Extension

Glam School

Ever wanted to progress in your career? Want to gain confidence in balayage, root smudging? Or want a completely new venture on a loan qualification such as tape extensions? Do you want knowledge in subjects which you didn’t have lessons in, as you’re well experienced and you qualified before balayage, ombrè and hair extensions were even a thing! At That Glam School, you can do just that!

Our Salon

We have excellent cutting skills at That Glam bar. Trust in us when we say if you want that weeny inch off, by all means (we will suggest otherwise but never cut without your consent) or looking for a big chop?
Glam Beauty

Natural, healthy & professional

Here at That Glam Bar we offer natural, healthy and professional beauty treatments, we are here to ensure you receive the best service and you go away feeling more beautiful than ever!